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Bardic Recap - November 17, 2012

Week 2 Recap

Greetings again, one and all! Caldor Gelvinac I am, and I’m back with news on the up and coming heroes of Sandpoint!

It would seem that not all of the assaulting goblin fiends made it out of the town after the Swallowtail Festival Fiasco. One Mrs. Barett came beseeching the heroes for help getting a goblin from her son’s closet. Her husband was trying to clear it while she came to get them. The dedicated heroes took to at once and hastened to the cottage out in the fields. They went so fast I had a hard time keeping up! When I did arrive, there was a great commotion from inside the hovel. It would seem there was indeed a goblin hiding in a closet, which had slain the family dog and the unfortunate Mr. Barett before the heroes arrived. *Marv*’s hatred for goblins shone through once again as the wretch was cut down quickly. Through the coming days, I can happih4. ly report the family is getting along well. Samhain the elf’s gift of a little bow to the boy has given him some courage against the thought of closet-goblins. Let’s just hope it doesn’t cause the lad to go seeking out trouble with his toy bow.

Whence they returned to town, the mighty group was brought to the Sheriff’s office to meet one Shalelu Andosana, an elven survivalist who has been hunting down the goblins for some time. She relayed some information regarding the 5 goblin tribes and a few notable “heroes” among the vile cretins. [Note: Must look into Big Gugmut, Koruvus, Vorka, Ripnugget, and Bruthazmus before this merry bunch of do-gooders gets to them.] They are also asked by the Sheriff to stay in town while he and his posse run to Magnimar for reinforcements, making an appearance and stepping in in his stead whilst he is away. Naturally, these wonderful heroes agree.

The following day, the quartet of goblin-death take Ser Foxglove on a boarhunt. I must confess, even I, a lowly bard with impeccable fashion sense and a debonair beyond words, even I could see this gent was an inexperienced prat who thought money could buy glory. He had to be saved in the woods by the adventurers when a rampaging boar nearly got the better of fair Laila. Through sheer determination, the beast was felled and brought back to town for a lovely meal. Hopefully the poof of a man will learn how to handle himself in the future if he EVER tries to lead a more adventursome life.

On the sixth day of the heroes’ stay in Sandpoint, who should appear but the fair Shayliss Vinder, the lovely woman who attempted to attract Marv in her father’s shoppe basement. This time, her goal was a romantic rendezvous for dinner that evening. After consulting with his recent companions, it was decided to let the father know and forget the whole ordeal. Wise choice, serrah!

Some days later, Ameiko the innkeeper went missing in the night. When the distraught serving lady brought her absence to the group’s attentions, they set off at once to follow their only lead: the location of a secret meeting between her and her brother that previous evening: The Glasswork. They investigated the building and entered, though I had trouble staying hidden so forgive my lack of details. Once inside, however, a massive cacophony reached back to me of breaking glass, battlecries and frightened screams of goblins. As if on cue, a very intimidating half-elf man, whom I later discovered to be the innkeeper’s half brother Tsuto, came up from a hidden cellar in a closet and attacked the party. Despite his impressive physique, he was put down and restrained quickly as everyone, even the animals Buho and Gryff, focused their attacks on target after target.

While the fair Ameiko was found safe and sound, her father was not as lucky, a gruesome display of goblin boredom. Nasty little loathsome beasts.

Now to you, my fair Library of Bardic Lore and Research University administrator, I must express my apologies that I shall be tardy in my return to the grounds. It would appear these bold madcaps are looking to bring some pain with steel and divine word to the goblin tribes. This could perhaps be a story of epic proportions. I shall continue informing you of these events as they happen. Until then, cheerio!

The prolific stream of verbiage and song,

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Caldor Gelvinac


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